The Amazing Journey Of Mario’s Original Voice Actor

By Divya G

Lots of people aren’t aware of this, but Mario, the iconic video game character, was voiced by the one and only Charles Martinet. Only true Mario fans all over the world are familiar with this talented person; still, many don’t know that Martinet’s journey wasn’t as smooth as a cakewalk.

Source: @claudiolcastro/Unsplash

Thanks to his sharp mind and quick thinking, he managed to slay the interview that gave him the job of everyone’s dreams.

While appearing for the audition, Charles Martinet didn’t have any idea about this character. All he knew was that Mario was related to children’s games, and that was it. It’s also worth noting that the guy wasn’t even invited to the audition in the first place.

His dedication and motivation have paved the way toward achieving success. 

When one of the interviewers said that the session would stop at a certain moment, he stopped speaking before deciding to speak for thirty minutes without taking a single break. His high-pitched and silly-sounding voice astounded everyone in the set.

The team of interviewers even ran out of tape. At one point, he realized that little kids would never enjoy the voice of a gruff Brooklyn plumber; as a result, he decided to change his voice pitch mid-audition, and it was then that he won over the producers’ hearts.

Source: @ryanquintal/Unsplash

After the session, he walked out of the interview, knowing that he had given his best shot. Charles’ ingenuity impressed one of the members at Nintendo, and he was hired as the voice artist of Mario in quite a few days.

His journey can be a lesson to all dreamers in this world. Just don’t stop speaking, and you will be good to go.