The Art Of Keyboard Design: An Amazing Showcase Of Creativity And Ingenuity

By Francis Tunwase

Art never dies. While the idea of splattering paints on a surface dates back nearly a century, artistic innovation has continued unabated. These days, many contemporary artists are reimagining commonplace items from our everyday lives to push art forward.

Source: @martingarrido/Unsplash

Alfaz Syam, for instance, started making fashionable items out of used keyboard caps. You probably wouldn’t wear a necklace made of laptop keys, but back in the day, people didn’t wear a lot of other jewelry, either.

If you ask us, some of these items would be a great addition to my wardrobe. And if you share this sentiment, all you have to do is contact the artist on Instagram. We’ll take you through some of the amazing products Syam has made from keyboards.

Flip Flop

What’s not to love about this insanely creative piece of art? The style, the combination, or even the color? They’re all definitely worth your stare and your pocket.

Source: skatesuckers/Instagram

Flip flops are magical, and now you can have something a thousand times more creative than what you’d have on a normal day.


This would be a perfect pick for every upcoming keyboard warrior.

Source: skatesuckers/Instagram

It’s pretty and sleek. But not something you want to consider when you’re up for a real-life, serious battle. Unless it’s a fashion battle, obviously.


To be honest, this looks really perfect—but it may not be used for every operation.

Source: skatesuckers/Instagram

If what you need is some protection for your palm in cases of heavy lifting, you may want to try something else. But if you want to wear this to cosplay as a computer, you’ll be great.