The Escapades Of Celine Dion, According To ChatGPT

By Francis Tunwase

There’s almost no way you wouldn’t have heard about ChatGPT by now. The artificial intelligence (AI) tool is completely killing it everywhere, blowing everyone’s mind as it gets even smarter and makes everyone wonder what it’ll do next. 

Source: @cottonbro/Pexels

The tool has been especially praised for its ability to produce some truly impressive content. All you have to do is enter its interface, type a request for a piece of content in the prompts, and kick back as it delivers some truly high-quality writing. 

Recently, a team of copywriters decided to engage the AI bot in a test of wits. They asked ChatGPT to help them with a copy for a new series called “The Adventures of Celine Dion” and as you’d expect, the bot absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

In one of the requests, ChatGPT was asked to compose a ridiculous story about Celine Dion stealing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wallet. And it was supposed to have a weird Arnold one-liner as well. 

The bot began by explaining that Celine was a huge fan of Arnold’s. On a fateful day, she found his wallet lying on a restaurant table. She gave into the temptation, took it, and made for the exit.

Source: @hostreviews/Unsplash

The actor eventually came back, saw that his wallet had gone missing, and began panicking. He started asking who was the culprit and claiming that he needed money to buy his proteins.

But the strongman quickly composed himself and noticed a figure running in the distance. He recognized it as Celine and called after her to come back with his wallet. But, all she did was turn around and confess her crime to the visibly flustered Arnold.

While the tool’s imagination is pretty impressive, this entire story feels like a fever dream.