The Language Of Forgetfulness: Hilarious Nicknames For Things People Can’t Remember

By Francis Tunwase

We’ve all experienced the disconcerting sensation of being in the middle of a discussion when, for no apparent reason, our heads go completely blank. “What’s that thing called again?” we might exclaim. It’s that frustrating feeling of knowing you should be able to recall a term or a person’s name but coming up empty every time.

Source: @seffen99/Unsplash

As our thoughts frantically search for the appropriate outlet and brief solace, there’s just one option we’re left with: think about something new. The ideal situation is to have a single word pop into your head that perfectly summarizes what you’re trying to communicate.

But that rarely happens in real situations.

From ‘moo monsters’ to ‘disco chickens’ to ‘carpet Banjo’, the truth is that people always manage to come up with random words and phrases to refer to the actual things they can’t remember. If this is something you’ve done in the past, you’re not on your own.

Source: @rwlinder/Unsplash

Somebody once called a peacock a “disco fowl,” while a guy said “dudesmaids” instead of saying ‘groomsmen.’ On a different occasion, someone wanted to say ‘exterminator’ but ended up saying “ant exorcist,” which is hilarious.

As crazy as it may sound, people have even forgotten the word “cow.” When that happened, the woman looked up “moo beast” on the internet. A young boy once dubbed a strainer a “noodle stay, water go” when he couldn’t locate it and wanted to inquire where it was. Everyone in his family now calls it that.

See how absurd some of these alternative names are? If you’ve been in this situation, now you don’t have to feel shy about it anymore. Lots of people are coming up with worse words than you.