The Trials Of Cauliflower And Spider Pancakes

By Moureen N October 4, 2022

Enough has been said in relation to food, food choices, and food mishaps over the internet. Food opinions have been shared to empathize with vegetables as well as to declare the motives behind a war. A BuzzFeed article listed down fifty such uproarious opinions tweeted by people.

A couple of tweets said that cauliflower was being put undue pressure on – it was being used in a recipe for bacon! Some wondered why people left shrimp tails in pasta and how the first person who thought of eating eggs might have seen a hen laying them and then decided to eat them. Others admitted that they loved cooking onions, just not cutting them. One user shared his take on charcuterie boards saying that they are nothing but snacks that went to an Ivy League.

Image courtesy of @jplenio / Pexels

The cumulative frustration of adults for having to have lunch and choose from tinned soup, freezer beige, meal deal, or cooking at 1 PM was expressed, and someone shared that people who eat sweet potato fries do that to seek attention. A person opined on how to cook steak and said that trying to cut a well-done steak was similar to shaking the entire table trying to cut a hockey puck.

Some pondered on exactly how many people had died for the data on what and what not to eat and how people who were with those who ate something must have started taking notes on their deathbed. Many related to the opinion that waiting to eat popcorn before the movie starts is the hardest thing to do. People agreed that they look at potential dinner menus in the afternoon, and putting the pizza in the fridge was no easy task. Another wannabe scientist noted that sushi must technically get cooked in stomach acid after cooking.

Image courtesy of @adrienn-638530 / Pexels

One tweet shared this picture of a 24-hour cheese vending machine in Switzerland.

Image courtesy of @alastairi / Twitter

One user shared this picture of innovative pancakes and admitted they received quite a few curse words when this dish was placed on the table. Numerous other foodies shared their food opinion leaving readers with a pang of hunger.