Thinking Of Having Kids? Check Out These Scary Images First

By Moureen N

When children watch horrific movies, unwanted thoughts and feelings become commonplace. Their level of anxiety or panic increases, and they are often more likely to respond negatively and misinterpret sensations as real threats. In other cases, they may begin exhibiting some of the skits and occurrences in horror movies.

Courtesy: GhostTurdz / Reddit

Such behaviors have been witnessed in various children in different environments, including their homes, school, and even playgrounds. In one case, a 9-year-old wrote a poem portraying a car being driven dangerously only to be obstructed by a penguin, and the car gets into an accident. The kid goes ahead and describes bloody scenes and other strange occurrences, causing her parents to be summoned to school.

In another instance, a 6-year-old draws his family, supposedly snorkeling, while they actually look like they all have a rope around their necks. As a matter of fact, the images are oddly disturbing – in a funny way. Another kid is also caught on camera doing some peculiar things in the middle of the night that they may only have gotten from horror movies.

Courtesy: ImmaSlapDat / Reddit

In another even more hilarious scenario, a kid dons himself in an LED costume and runs around their house. To a stranger, that would be scary. The fact that the child finds it fun should be a concern to any parent. In other cases, children dress up in scary suits, including bat morph suits, draw horrifying drawings, and even own toys that look like horror movie characters.

In conclusion, children should be involved in more exciting and brain-friendly activities like outdoor games. Also, keep an eye on what kids watch on television, use content filtering tools, and create a friendly environment for your children to talk.