Funny Finds: 45 Wacky T-Shirts Found At The Thrift Store

By Louise T

What if we told you that you’re missing out by only buying clothes in high-end boutiques? No way, right? Actually, Yes-way! While shopping from top stores will no doubt give you the satisfaction of owning brand-new items, the nostalgic feeling of hunting and finding rare, unique clothes whose best days are yet to come is unmatched. Besides saving a chunk of money by shopping in thrift stores, you also get to take up the challenge of finding quality amidst a bunch of abandoned hand-me-downs.

Among those mountains of forgotten clothing, sometimes you are also lucky enough to find the thrift store’s Holy Grail: a tee with a weird and wacky inscription. If you have never entered the world of thrift store printed tees, don’t fret. We’ve taken the liberty of sharing 45 of the funniest ones as shared by this dedicated Twitter page. If you don’t buy them because they’re cool, maybe you’ll buy them because they’re funny.

Gandalf Equals Catdalf

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” If that saying doesn’t perfectly describe a cat, then we don’t know what does. Perhaps that is why this cat is dressed like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Image courtesy of Twitter

Gandalf is a protagonist and a wizard of the Istari order; he’s also the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. Considering how popular the movie was back in the day, we’re not surprised that humorous shirts were made about Gandalf.

Halloween Princess 

We are not surprised that this shirt was left for dead in the thrift shop. Perhaps you could buy this shirt if you wanted to scare people away with the funny-looking princess on the front. This face doesn’t exactly scream “Disney princess.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

We thought Disney princesses were meant to be beautiful and have soft feminine lines? This looks like Nicholas Cage in drag. When he isn’t saving the Declaration of Independence, perhaps Nicholas Cage likes to dress up like a Disney princess.

Expect Nothing 

If you want to be disappointed, have high expectations. They will come crashing down and make you an emotional mess. It might be quite pessimistic, but sometimes you have to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised when something good happens.

Image courtesy of Twitter

This shirt has the right idea. The message is clear, and the color is as bleak as a pessimist’s outlook on life. If you do decide to buy this shirt, just be prepared for people to ask, “who hurt you?”

Greatest Musicians Of the 20th Century 

It’s not news that everyone misses Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, two of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. Frank Sinatra had some smooth jazzy tunes, and Elvis Presley’s swiveling hips earned him the title “The King of Rock ‘n Roll.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts 

Now that these legends, who had a profound influence on music, are gone, we definitely “feel also not good.” Hopefully, some talented young musicians will continue the legacy of these legends. Though, we aren’t sure who could ever fill the massive hole that these two musicians left.

Protective Parents 

We know how overprotective parents can be when it comes to watching movies or being exposed to things on the internet, so it’s no surprise this person’s parents didn’t allow him to watch the boob scene in the blockbuster movie Titanic.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

We are sure many people weren’t allowed to watch it either. If you have never watched this iconic movie, be warned. You will not survive the last scene with your sanity intact. We are still shedding a tear for Jack.

Bankrupted By Beanies 

Beanie Babies is a line of stuffed toys that were an internet sensation in the 90s. There’s still a market for beanie babies—the rare ones even go for thousands of dollars. So, it’s no surprise this person has gone bankrupt.

Image courtesy of  tumblr/what-even-is-thiss

Rare Beanie Babies like “Quackers the Duck” and “Princess the Bear” are some of the few original beanies that sell for an exorbitant price. “Employee the Bear” is another that usually costs up to $3,000. That is a hefty price to pay for a plushie!

Everyone Needs A Break

Being a student in college is as stressful as it gets. When you are a kid, you worry about passing your exams, and when you are an adult, you worry about paying bills. College kids have to simultaneously worry about both.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Students deserve breaks amidst all the school work and money problems. So, to answer the question on this shirt, “Yes, let’s cancel all studying plans.” Something tells us this shirt will not remain in the thrift shop for too long.

Potent Vampire Repellent 

If you have a vampire in your neighborhood and you want him to leave you alone, you should consider getting this shirt. For those who care to know, garlic is a very powerful antibiotic strong enough to knock a vampire dead. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Those powerful immortals are afraid of a harmless (and delightfully delicious) bulb. Meanwhile, we mere humans consume garlic by the bucketload—oh, the irony. So, wear your garlic sparkles with pride because a life without garlic is absolutely meaningless. Honestly, what is life without garlic bread?

Pick Up The Phone

If you are a pet lover, then this one is for you. People without a Guinea pig might not understand, but we do. The message behind this shirt is clear. Guinea pigs love human affection because they are highly social animals.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts 

The adorable little furballs love to communicate with their humans using little excited noises that are so cute we can hardly bear it. So we stand with this, if your beloved guinea pig calls, you have no choice but to answer.

Happiness Is Free

It’s not surprising when we see or hear people profess their undying love for their pets. While dogs and cats are typical household pets, some people like to go for something a bit more unusual. For example, having a chicken as a pet.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

If you watched Legend of The Seeker, the wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander had a chicken he talked to and shared things with. He would adore this tee. This shirt simply means that happiness means different things to different individuals—and that is a message we can get behind.

As Long As The Dog Lives

This one may seem a little heartless, but it shows the bond between a pet owner and a pet. Testing such bonds is a surefire way to get viewers to shed a tear during a movie. A movie where your favorite character dies is already heartbreaking.

Image courtesy of

It stings to watch a character get killed off after developing some sort of connection with them. However, the death of a canine character in a movie is purely heart-wrenching. This reminds us of Joseph’s dog in Tyrannosaur. Oh no! Where are the tissues!?

Last Minute

It is said that “procrastination is the thief of time,” and we couldn’t agree more. Most people don’t do very well under pressure. However, people still procrastinate and postpone tasks that should be done sooner rather than later. It’s a very bad habit.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

However, for the lucky few, working under a fixed (and imminent) deadline helps them be more productive. So, do whatever works for you, even if it means working on that report until the very last minute while regretting every life decision.

Natural Twenties! 

If you’re a master of Dungeon and Dragons, then you will understand this tee. Aside from the fact that 20 is a natural number in maths, in D&D, a natural 20 is when you roll the result of 20 on a 20-sided die.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

This means that most game systems also use natural 20 as a critical success. Did you keep up? Granted, the target market for this shirt is a bit small. However, that’s the beauty of a thrift store—there is something for everyone.

Banned Forever

You can get famous on social media pretty quickly. However, you can also get banned in a flash. On Instagram, there are several ways to get banned; you can get banned for buying likes and followers, buying someone’s account, and copyright infringement. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

The crazy part is you don’t necessarily have to do something incriminating to get a social media ban. You might post something seemingly innocent, and boom! You’re banned. The character on this shirt doesn’t look too upset about his ban, though. Good for him.

I Love Tic Tac Mints

In case you didn’t know, this person loves orange Tic Tac mints. The mime on the shirt might look like she’s fighting desperately to say something important, but all that is on her mind is her adoration for Tic Tacs.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

No matter how much anyone loves orange Tic Tac mints, this shirt is a lot. The fluorescent orange color and the graphic print make for one gaudy shirt. At least everyone will know that whoever is wearing this shirt has good breath.

All About Cows

Looking at this shirt, we are sure that this person is a farmer who is obsessed with his cows. Imagine wanting eight things in life, and all revolve around cows. These cows own his heart, and we are sure that won’t ever change!

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

We have seen people obsess over their pets in ways others might see as absurd and weird, but this is the first time we’ve seen cows be the object of someone’s obsession. We hope this shirt finds its way to someone who loves cows.

Drake And Josh 

Now, this is one t-shirt we won’t mind buying for ourselves. Drake and Josh was a 2004 sitcom on Nickelodeon that featured the comedic life of two step-brothers who had different and opposite personalities but had to live under the same roof.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

By the end of season one, it became the most loved Nickelodeon sitcom at the time. So, if you thought that this is what the designers, Dolce and Gabbana, look like, you would be mistaken. The guys on this shirt are far more iconic.

It’s A Great Time To Be Alive

2020 was a period in human history that none of us will forget any time soon. It felt like the world had entered a Twilight Zone where, for the first time in forever, things like sanitizers and toilet paper became scarce commodities.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirt

We are not surprised someone decided to make a t-shirt of the ‘great toilet paper crisis of 2020.’ It was a strange time. Regardless of the creativity behind the shirt, we can’t let go of the fact that the toilet paper is placed the wrong way!

Lucky Find

This one is great. We wonder why it got lost in the world of thrift. What are the chances that two things you love will end up being on the same T-shirt? Almost zero. Well, if you love dolphins and Lizzie McGuire, then we have found the shirt for you.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Lizzie McGuire was a Disney sitcom about a middle school girl who navigates through teenage issues while enjoying childhood and time spent with her friends. If you were born in the 90s, this was probably a regular after-school staple. Those were the days!

Girl Boss Gang

There’s probably a hidden message in this one because who eats silica gel? Silica gels are used to absorb moisture and condensation. Little packets can usually be found in shoe boxes. People do crazy things, but we are quite sure that no girl-boss gang would ever attempt this.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

While silica gel might be a nontoxic chemical, it can still cause dehydration when swallowed. Also, in some cases, it can cause nausea and vomiting when eaten. Unless that sounds like a fun time to you, do not try this at home!

Doctor’s Note

If you have been searching for the perfect excuse for not doing your homework, then you should consider this one. The old “the dog ate my homework” trick just doesn’t cut it anymore. This excuse is a lot more original and oodles funnier.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

People who come up with prints and writings on these shirts deserve an award for their level of creativity and humor. However, this writing is way too legible to belong to a doctor, so this note might not fool the school.

New Found Way

It seems people have found a new way of venting their frustrations. Some people use prints on shirts to make light of a bad situation. Although some are pretty relatable, others are a bit exaggerated, ridiculous, and kind of sad. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@SarahLeighLove

We can’t deny this shirt has some truth to it. Prescription drugs just don’t work for some people. In some instances, people still suffer the same illness after trying several drugs. As true as this statement is, we wouldn’t want to wear it on a t-shirt.

Only Fans

This one blew us away. In case you live under a rock, OnlyFans is an online platform where people pay for content such as photos, videos, and live streams via monthly subscription. Most of the content on the platform is adult themed.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

OnlyFans is mainly used by YouTubers, models, and content creators. These people can make a killing selling content to their fans. If the entire shirt was covered in fans, then anyone wearing it could say that they are surrounded by fans.

Don’t MENtion

Although the actual origin of these words doesn’t actually come from “men,” it is still quite funny to think of all of the female issues that start with “men.” Now that someone has mentioned it, it is hard to ignore.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Even the word “woman” has “man” in it. However, don’t feel discouraged by this petty vocabulary if you’re a woman. As you’re well aware, “this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.”

Colored Death Metal

Now this one is all shades of weird. Death metal is a form of heavy rock music that has lyrics about death, destruction, and suffering. These lyrics are brought to life with low-tuned guitars, loud percussion, and guttural voices. This genre is distinctive and stands out.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

This type of music does not exactly scream “sparkles and rainbows.” That is what makes this shirt so ironic but also so hilarious. The next time you go to a death metal concert, leave the leather and spikes at home and wear this shirt instead.

Got Any Lamps?

The moth lamp meme finally returns! The internet is a world on its own, and when a particular thing or person gets popular, hundreds of memes will flood social media platforms. Scrolling those memes will have your belly hurting from all the laughter.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

This moth lamp refers to a joke that was widely circulated online in 2018. The joke is about moths’ strong affinity for light. Just like a drug addict, this giant moth asks if there are any lamps that it can fly into. The meme is strange, but it does make us chuckle.

Our Own Pam Beesly

If it isn’t America’s sweetheart Pam Halpert—the heart and soul of The Office. The Office is an American sitcom centered around the everyday life of a group of office workers capturing their humorous and bizarre encounters with jokes and funny stories. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Although we would have liked it more if the shirt had read Pam Beesly and not Halpert (her married name), we still find this shirt pretty endearing. Pam made the show amazing with her numerous memorable moments and hilarious lines.


We can all agree that we miss 2018. That was the year when everything was sane, and we knew nothing about lockdowns and masks. Several memes and slang words came out during this period. Some are still relevant today, for example, Soy boy.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Soy boy is a term that is often used as an insult in several online communities to describe men who are perceived as being too effeminate. This print shirt declares that this soy boy is now all grown up. They are a soy man.

RuneScape Unlocked 

We miss our childhood, and sometimes, we get nostalgic just thinking about all the things we outgrew. RuneScape really had everyone hooked back in the day. It is a fantasy multiplayer online playing game where players can interact with each other. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

It was developed and published by Jagex and was first released in January 2001. RuneScape hasn’t been popular in more than a decade. However, we can still recall some of the RuneScape items on this shirt. Such a great trip down memory lane.

We Miss One Direction

We all miss the days of One Direction, the five-man group consisting of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. The group gave us wonderfully catchy hit songs that had us dancing straight through the 2010s.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

The group disbanded a few years before the lockdown when Malik decided to pursue a solo career. While it still remains a cool shirt, it must be heartbreaking to wear the tee knowing they’re not together again. The editing on the masks is also a bit questionable. No wonder the shirt was abandoned.

Plumber Crack Camouflage 

If you don’t know what a plumber crack is, then you should update your lexicon. A plumber crack is when the intergluteal cleft is visible due to low-riding pants or when the top line of a person’s buttocks is visible when their pants slide down. 

Image courtesy of Twitter

This shirt wants to do the impossible. It wants to rebrand the plumber crack and make it something you’d want to stare at. The woman on the shirt is perfectly placed so that when that crack (that looks a lot like a woman’s cleavage) peeks out, anyone watching is undoubtedly entertained.

I Smell Children 

The more we delve into these strange prints, the more we realize that these writers think of hilarious things we’d never have thought of. We love children. They are adorable little creatures, but they can also be a massive menace.

Image courtesy of Twitter

The trouble they cause is enough to keep a guardian busy throughout the day. They just love to throw tantrums, go to places where they shouldn’t, and lick random stuff. If you can’t handle these cute monsters without having a breakdown, then when you smell children, run!

It’s A Trap

We are sure everyone has heard this statement at one point in their life. The annoying thing about this is that, more often than not, this statement turns out to be false. Some people can’t help but give their friends a peek at your goods.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

We suggest you avoid situations like these because people who say this are the ones who release nudes on the internet. This has happened to several celebrities—even Disney stars like Vannessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne have been caught out. No one is safe!

Don’t Get In The Van

An infamous way kidnappers have succeeded in stealing children is by luring them into vans using candy. Sadly, several kids have fallen prey to this trick. These days, we hope that everyone knows never to go with anyone that promises to give them candy.

Image courtesy of Twitter

Now, what was once used as a way to kidnap kids, is used as an internet joke. Netzines are notorious for turning the most inappropriate things into jokes and memes. We just hope that no children take these jokes seriously.

Thank Goodness For The Internet 

Kids these days expect everything to be on the internet, but little do they know that the internet did not exist back in the day. Some kids might be surprised to discover that certain famous people from way back when didn’t have websites or (shock) social media accounts.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@mattcomi

Despite its faults, the internet is also great at teaching people new things. So kids, if you’re reading this, Louis Armstrong was a multitalented and highly influential trumpeter and vocalist of the 20th century. Perhaps you should put your phone down now and go touch some grass.

Howdy Cowboy

Who doesn’t love a good ole cowboy? True cowboys can make the ladies swoon when they don their tight Levi’s jeans, flash a charming smile and show off their western slang and accent. At least, that’s what we’ve seen in movies.

Image courtesy of Twitter

This donkey looks what would happen if Donkey from Shrek and Woody from Toy Story had a baby. He has the same happy-go-lucky smile that Donkey has but also possesses that quintessential cowboy charm. We would happily wear this cute face on a t-shirt.

Take Me Home

The Pillsbury Doughboy is the Pilsbury company’s advertising mascot. It has appeared in several of the company’s commercials over the years. This lovable little mascot has a warm, soft chuckle when poked in the belly. That’s funny; we do, too!

Image courtesy of Twitter

Everyone loves Poppin Fresh. He is another character that takes us back to our childhood. This Pillsbury Doughboy is a little more risque than we remember. Though we can’t fault him., everyone grows up at some point. This Doughboy is now a man!

But Did You Die?

If you haven’t watched The Hangover: Part II, then you might be confused when you see a “did you die” meme. The meme is a catchphrase from a legendary character, Chow when he was having a conversation with the rest of the crew about their bad day.

Image courtesy of Twitter

The meme is about lamenting to your friends about a rough time in your life, and they respond with the catchphrase. Most people use it to make light of a bad situation. It could also mean, “in difficult situations, be thankful.” It’s not often that the internet creates such a meaningful meme.

Horse Dad

If you have a pet, you’re automatically their parent. You spend a lot of money caring for them, providing food, shelter, and even treatment when they are sick. You also spend quality time with them. That is what a parent does.

Image courtesy of Twitter

It’s no news that fathers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to providing for their families. Dad’s are always there if you need a shoulder to cry on…or an open wallet. Unfortunately, horse dads are not exempt from coughing up cash. Just like this shirt says, “they neigh, I pay.”

So I Left

While many shirts have weird prints on them about hilarious stories, absurd concepts, and unimaginable creativity, this one’s accuracy is uncanny. The statement was originally derived from the famous quote by Julius Caesar that reads, “I came, I saw, I conquered. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts 

This shirt lets us know that we will not always be victorious. Sometimes, it’s okay to leave and fight another day. We can absolutely relate to wanting to leave anxiety-inducing situations. This tee might have been abandoned, but we’d take it in a heartbeat.

Have Fun In Time

Most times the best way to get an impactful message across is to keep it simple and short. So just like this shirt says, instead of beating yourself up because of past mistakes, just go out and have fun in time. 

Image courtesy of Twitter

Life is too short to be sad. Have fun and do makes you happy. Even if you make numerous mistakes, learn to laugh at yourself while you make gentle corrections. Walt Whitman said, “Do anything, but let it produce joy.”

Only For Gamers

We find this next tee quite hideous. From the photo of the wide-eyed man boring deep into your soul as though he is about to devour you to the weird frog photo, everything about this shirt just doesn’t sit well with us.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts 

Also, it might not be the best idea to advertise the fact that you commit tax fraud. Take a lesson from the capture of Al Capone; the tax man is always watching. He would not be too pleased with this atrocious shirt.

Born To Catch Them All

Pokémon game is a Japanese game published by Nintendo in 1996. Since then, millions of people have become addicted to this legendary game at one point or another. Some people even collect memorabilia of their favorite characters in the game.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

The Pokémon game involves catching and training fictional creatures called Pokémon. This shirt reminds us of the good ol’ days when the most important things in life were your Pokemons. These days, we are forced to work so we can pay the bills. How rude.

Professional Uncle No Kids

We all have that uncle who has never been married or even had kids. While “punk” might have other meanings, a punk in this context is the coolest thing anyone can ask for. Professional uncles dedicate their time to their nieces and nephews. 

Image courtesy of Twitter

A professional uncle is different from a regular uncle. Professional uncles always give the best advice. They also give the best Christmas gifts. We love the idea behind this shirt. We are ordering one for our professional uncle right now!

Shrimp Whisperer

We aren’t sure where this idea came from. This shirt belonged to either Bubba Blue or Forrest Gump, characters from a movie called Forrest Gump. In the movie, Bubba speaks about starting a shrimp business. After Bubba’s death, Forrest made the dream a reality.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@Weird Thrift Store Shirts

Some have used the term “shrimp” as a derogatory term for anyone who might be a bit small. We hope that isn’t what this shirt is about. That would be a bit fishy. Whatever the reason for this shirt, if you love shrimp, then wear your shirt with pride.