TikToker Shares Brilliant Professional Responses That Are So Witty, It’s Hard To Get Angry

By Ruby M

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday, and the office Karen is at it again – asking you silly questions via email, trying to hand over her work to you – even though you have barely gotten through on your own, and you’ve had enough! 

Image courtesy of @loewhaley/TikTok

You don’t want to be rude or unprofessional – but you also explained this to her multiple times in the past, and she’s just not getting it. 

That’s where a popular TikTok user, @loewhaley, comes in. She’s created tons of videos on her TikTok profile where she advises people on “how to professionally say” things that can very easily be said in a way that might seem unprofessional. 

Also known as Work Bestie, @loewhaley has come up with the perfect response for a number of workplace scenarios that could otherwise end with you and your Karen sitting at HR, trying to resolve a conflict that should have never begun in the first place. 

So next time you find yourself in a situation with a colleague, mentor, or even your boss where you aren’t quite sure how to respond amicably, take a read through these witty yet professional responses, and you might find the perfect one for your scenario. If two million users on TikTok find her helpful, you might feel the same way, too. You’re welcome!