Family Fashionistas: A Toddler’s Adorable Take On His Uncle’s Trendy Style

By Jana I

Augie is an iconic, cute little boy who loves to do one thing and one thing only: mess with his uncle! He and his mom started a fun project recreating his uncle’s (Aristotle Polites) pictures, and since he (Aristotle) is a model, there were tons of them.

So, Augie and his mom had a lot of material to look through to find inspiration. Although it started spontaneously and as a joke, he still wanted to do them even as he grew older. Now, more aware and cognisant, he often looks back at the old pictures he recreated and laughs his little butt off!

Today, we’ve decided to share some of those adorable, funny pictures that can all be found on their Instagram page: babyandthebody. ‘Trigger’ warning: these pics could induce a serious case of baby fever!

Cool Guy Pose

We’re starting off with a basic one. Aristotle is a really attractive guy! No wonder he’s a model. He looks rather dashing in this simple pose, wearing what we can only describe as basic clothes and just being a regular dude.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Augie, on the other hand, is such a cutie pie! Look at his little smile and pose. Adorable! He got his version of pants, shirt, and shoes so right. That boy is not messing around, nuh-uh! Hopefully, his mom won’t be too surprised if he turns out to be a model, too!

Super Adorable

The next photo Augie and his mom found featured Aris and a gorgeous woman. They just couldn’t resist recreating this one. So, Augie found himself a little girlie and posed with her to mimic and make fun of his uncle!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

That photo on the right must be one of the cutest things ever! The kids undoubtedly had so much fun, and their little noses and smiles are just too adorable. Augie is a little stud, and whoever says anything different should simply look at this photo.

Have the Tables Turned?!

Well, we know we just got started on something that was supposed to be a kid mimicking his uncle. However, we’ve come to a halt. Allow us to explain. In this picture, we think that Aris was imitating Augie because that’s exactly what it looks like!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Could it be that Aristotle decided to take this matter into his own hands and poke fun at his nephew as some sort of payback? We doubt he would pose like this if he wasn’t trying to be goofy to get back at Augie!

Spiderman Pose

There is not a single person on this planet that hasn’t heard of “Spiderman.” Kids love him, teens want to be him, and adults, well, we can seem to outgrow him! Therefore, it’s no surprise that these two decided to do this pose and charm all the girls!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

This is a pose Spiderman likes to assume before he takes off swinging for his next adventure. Augie’s facial expression is much more dangerous and on par with a scene like that. The uncle just looks bewildered, like, “Why am I here?” Well, it’s time to fight the bad guys; let’s go!


Aristotle is out there breaking hearts, and Augie is out here learning how to do just that with nothing but a pose. Sure, he can be a “Spiderman” one day and a villain the other. In his world, they aren’t mutually exclusive!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Just look at his little tummy! He is so precious. The uncle knew exactly what he was doing with that picture. The kid may be oblivious for now, but soon, he’ll learn the power he holds in those little, chubby hands holding a yellow rose!

Mean Boys

Mean Girls is essentially a cult classic at this point. It’s an iconic high school movie that everyone knows and has watched at least once. The sequel is not as good, but who can compete with an absolute classic? Another classic? Those are hard to come by.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

For what was a photoshoot for who knows what, Augie used this photo as inspiration to imitate his uncle and put him to shame one more time. He not only imitated him perfectly but made it even better! Aristotle, get your game on, pal!

Everyone Likes Pizza

If there is something we know about humans, it’s that they all love pizza! If you are a pescatarian, there is tuna pizza; if you are fasting, there is a pizza for you, too. Also, if you’re a vegan, you guessed it, someone made a pizza for you too!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

The uncle loves pepperoni, whereas the little one prefers ham. Both are equally delicious! At least, according to us. Like each of us, Augie has a favorite, so even though he wanted to copy his uncle, he didn’t want to copy his pizza. Such a perfect excuse to indulge a craving!

Fox and Bear

Let’s focus on something else for a moment. Those adorable backpacks! Where did they get them?! They are super cute and a necessity at this point. Now, let’s go back to the subject matter. Another adorable recreation that understood the assignment.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

That said, who is copying whom here?! It’s hard to figure out because if the kids are copying the adults, then they need to get bigger backpacks, wouldn’t you agree? These ones don’t quite fit them. Whatever the case, this is the definition of cuteness overload.

It’s the Glasses For Us

This picture is gold! Aristotle was doing a photo shoot that required him to wear glasses. Probably an advertisement for an eyewear brand or something. Nonetheless, Augie followed the script as usual, and the result was pure gold! At this point, this kid can do no wrong in our eyes.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Leave it to Augie to steal your thunder. He will do it without even trying that hard. Just look at this little cutie posing by the window blinds to get the same shadow effect on his photo. He’s giving you a run for your money, Aristotle!

Chefing It Up

If there is one thing a man can do to make a woman feel weak in the knees, it’s knowing how to cook good food. That is, for some reason, one of the most attractive things ever. Aristotle seems to know that well, and the little one is learning fast.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

We vote for Augie on this one (surprise, surprise). He has a whole cake in front of him, whereas Aristotle just has a little dessert, probably ice cream or something. It doesn’t take much effort to make that compared to making dough! Augie 1, Uncle 0.

Black and White Drip

When a photo shoot is done in black and white, you know it means serious business. The same goes for this one! Aristotle and Augie are out here trying to steal all the girls! Hide your wives, girlfriends, sisters, and friends! The streets aren’t safe!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Not only is the filter black and white, but they are wearing black leather jackets, y’all! If you still think you are safe, think again! Augie is learning! Look at his facial expression: disinterested, slightly annoyed, irresistible, and untouchable. Plus, isn’t there something about this that just screams, badboy?

Pink Floyd Fan

One more reason to love Augie is his impeccable music taste! The little guy listens to Pink Floyd! Well, he has their T-shirt, at least, and that’s the same thing as being a huge fan in our book. Either way, look at this picture!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

We are impressed with how he copied everything! From the jacket to the hoodie, pants, glasses, and pose. He is a star, he is the moment, and he has the X factor! Mark these words: the student will surpass the master in a few years’ time.

Bear Necessities

We now present one of the cuter ones in the bunch. When you mix a cute guy, a cute boy, and a giant plushie of a bear, what on Earth can go wrong? The math is mathing, and according to our calculations, the cuteness potential is infinite.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Augie and his mom have made up their minds to make fun of his uncle whenever he does something silly and quirky. The boy has made it his mission to imitate and outdo the original! It’s hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Serious Dude

Augie has many states, and though he may often come off as a cute, dashing gentleman, don’t mess with him, he might throw hands! We’re joking, of course. But this little boy is so adorable, even when he’s feigning seriousness, that he stole all our hearts as soon as we discovered him!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

He never misses the opportunity to make his uncle look like a less cute version of him. If you are asking us, we much prefer those soft, squishy arms rather than the muscles Aristotle has. Chubby babies will always tramp dashing models.

Breakfast in Bed!

Get you a person that will bring you breakfast in bed. That’s all we’re saying! Honestly, what’s better than that? Everyone needs someone that will love them and spoil them. It can be a friend, a parent, a partner, or even your kid.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Which one would you choose: a veggie pita/pizza-like dish or a plastic dessert plate with two empty cups with imaginary coffee? With yellow beanies, Mickey Mouse shirts, and matching adorable smiles, these two simply warm your heart. What more could you want?

School Photo Day

These pictures are a true throwback. They look like the ones from school photoshoot day when everyone got their picture taken in front of the same background. It was so hyped, and everyone tried their best to look good that day.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Aristotle and Augie didn’t need to try hard to look this good, though. All it took was a salmon-red shirt, a nice, contrasting background, and an irresistible smile. Some people are really God’s favorites, like this dynamic duo of a handsome uncle and a cute nephew.

Captain America Cosplay

“Captain America” is one of the most popular superheroes nowadays. Not only is he super powerful, but he is also portrayed by one of the most attractive and beloved men in the USA at the moment: Chris Evans. This makes the appeal even greater.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

We believe Augie loves this superhero and, in an act of childish innocence, wanted to pose as “Captain America” for his parents’ camera. However, his scheming uncle used this as an opportunity to ridicule him back! We’re not sure it worked the way he wanted, though.

The Close-Up

Close-ups are one of the most revealing, bare photoshoots one can do. They are raw and give everyone an opportunity to analyze your face as they try to find flaws. It’s not for the faint of heart; that’s all that we can say.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

However, in the case of this famous uncle and his even more famous nephew, things are much easier. They are not afraid of close-ups for one simple reason: they have no flaws, to begin with! Don’t agree with us? We dare you to find them; we’ll wait.

Classic Kid’s Pose

Do you know that classic kids’ pose where they stand straight up, like soldiers, with their arms at the sides of their bodies, also equally stiff and straight? This collage is an ode to that. A little nod to those little dwarves.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Gotta admit, though; the kids have much better kid poses than adults. The girl even bent her knee a bit, like a true professional! They look adorable! On the other hand, the adults undoubtedly looked good on their own. Until they were placed next to the kids!


Little Augie can be a gangster, too, if the situation requires it. Knowing his uncle and because of his modeling job, the little guy had the opportunity to be dressed up as one. All he needed was a leather jacket, a shirt, and a bandana.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

We think this photo could really use a Harley-Davidson, and we’re certain Augie would look great next to a replica of those bad boys! Once he grows up, he could get a real one. But for now, ridiculing his uncle and looking cute is enough.

Dog Lovers

Just as soon as you think this terrific twosome couldn’t get any cuter, you’re proven so wrong! Not only are they photogenic and adorable to no end, but they are also dog lovers! There is nothing sweeter than someone who likes animals.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

What we especially love about this picture is how big that dog is compared to Augie. He looks like a little dwarf next to it! The dog’s legs are as long as Augie’s whole body, head included! Also, we know we speak for most people when we say Aristotle’s Frenchie was outshining him here, right?

This is How You Get the Ladies

We can almost hear Aristotle saying to the little guy, “Listen, Augie, this is how you get the ladies to look at you. Just act nonchalant and distracted, like you are thinking deeply about something. They will have a crush on you like that! *snaps fingers*”

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

We gotta say, little Augie seems to be taking notes very diligently, even though he can’t write or read at the moment. He got his uncle’s whole demeanor mapped out and copied on the right side. Even the position of his hands is on point.

Hawaii Edition

These photoshoots and emulations are getting out of hand, and by that, we mean they’ve now gone international! Aristotle seems to have traveled somewhere and taken this gorgeous picture. Augie didn’t wait long before he posted his own version for kicks.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

He pocketed his tiny hands in his shorts, just like his uncle did in the inspiration. Additionally, his head is tilted to the left, like Aristotle’s. He is wearing that irresistible smile that’s such a staple at this point. Because of those flamingos, we give this an 11 out of 10.

Stripes are For the Elite

There are people that don’t look good in certain colors or specific patterns. Those that look good in everything are quite rare. That said, we firmly believe Augie is one of the lucky ones. Okay, Aristotle can join, too, because he brings a lot to the table!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

It’s amazing how Augie, at such a young age, is able to replicate his uncle’s facial expressions so flawlessly, be it a lazy smile or even feigned nonchalance. Just look at how this one turned out. Also, props to his mom for posing him and getting the outfits. She’s the unsung hero behind these masterpieces.

Festival Snapshot

When you are at a festival, there always seems to be something interesting wherever you turn! All kinds of fascinating people, a great atmosphere, cool outfits, and music you like; it’s a blast all in all! Augie and Aristotle wanted to share those vibes.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Some of these events have silent stages where you just put on headphones and jam to the music, and if you were to remove them, you’d just see a bunch of people breaking it down to silence. It’s super entertaining not only to listen to the music but also to watch.

Front Camera

This reminded us of that moment when you accidentally open the front camera and get a jumpscare! But if you look as good as these two, we doubt you can relate to that. Aristotle and Augie got it locked down!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Evidently, both are irresistible when that front camera accidentally pops open. Who is lucky enough to say that about themselves?! Maybe just Rihanna and Michael B Jordan! The rest of us mortals are not that lucky. Such cute little dudes!

Lumberjack Kind of Vibe

The lumberjack vibe can be fascinating. The plaid shirts, ripped jeans, scruffy beard, a beanie, and some heavy shoes are definitely a vibe! And if you have a six-pack, then that just makes everything ten times better! Don’t mind us; let’s continue.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Check out Augie’s twist on the lumberjack look. A turtle neck underneath the plaid shirt, some red pants, and a fire jacket. As always, he looks effortlessly cool. Both of them are kinda frowning, which is in keeping with the theme of the fit. Lumberjacks are champion grumps!

Black and White Goodness

When you see a black-and-white picture, what did we say happens? You know something huge is about to happen. The same goes for this fantastic duo. They never fail to surprise their audience and followers with a cool new collage.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Aristotle really knows how to get his best features in the picture (if you know what we mean, *wink*wink*). On the other hand, Augie is clueless, but that makes his pictures even more adorable! He is just this way, naturally!

Rugby Players

This is one of those pictures where Augie took the task at hand and made it into his own little masterpiece. His imitation is so good that we can’t tell which one is the original and which one is a copy anymore!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

As we mentioned before, Augie’s ability to copy facial expressions is impressive. He is a real pro! Sometimes, we feel bad for Aristotle. Poor guy is just out here doing his job, but all the love seems to go to his mini-me!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Boys

Although pumpkin season is behind us, and we are looking forward to long, sunny days, this picture is still too good to pass up! These two decided to pose with two small pumpkins and make everyone have heart-eyes for them!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

They always seem to be up to something. What we love about this picture most is the dedication to replicate the original. Augie has the same shirt as his uncle, and not only that, but he also posed next to a similar set of blinds.


Aristotle and Augie got that vroom vroom down! They love their wheels and posing next to them, loud and proud. Both of them look like they are having the time of their life. This just goes to show that men are all just boys inside.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

What’s even more interesting is that the color and shade of their rides are the same! If the photo was taken at the same time and location with both of them as models, that would be the zenith of wholesome uncle-nephew bonding! They look like they’re about to zoom past people and wreak havoc!

Welcome To the Dark Side

The dark side is always so much more appealing than the light, innocent side. The reason for this is that people easily get bored when things are going too well. On the dark side, there are trials, tribulations, and chaos. In short, adventure. And who doesn’t like adventure?

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

These two boys are ready to show their dark sides, too! They definitely have it and are not afraid to show it. It feels like the battle of the “Jedi” and “Sith” all over again. Whose side are you taking, dear reader?

Slightly Lighter Side

We talked about the dark side and briefly mentioned the light side. However, people rarely talk about the middle of these two points, which we think of when we look at this next collage. This is that beautiful middle ground.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

These two pictures are exactly what it means to get the best of both worlds. You get yourself a cutie in a leather jacket that smiles and has unconditional love only for you! Or his devastatingly handsome uncle whose disarming smile will make you forget what you were doing!

That Yellow Beanie Realness

Some people will wear anything under the sun and rock it like they’re about to walk the runway! They look good no matter what. It’s called being God’s favorite. Whichever God you believe in, you get the point. It appears that these two are favorites of all!

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

What gets us every time in this pic is that lower lip! You can see the resemblance, and it’s clearer here than ever before. Augie’s mom was a genius to come up with the idea to make these pictures a thing.

Say ‘Cheese’!

We imagine there was someone behind the camera saying, “Augie, say cheeeese!” And he said it and smiled this big, adorable smile! That said, the motivation behind Aristotle’s picture remains unknown. Would you care to guess? We have a few ideas.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

The hair, though? Gorgeous on both ends. If there is something these two have in common, it’s their beautiful energy and their fabulous hair. Whether Aristotle likes it or not, his little nephew is a real threat to his throne!

Choose Your Hero

Pick your favorite hero: “Captain America” or “Batman?” Answer now, before you see the picture and get influenced by it. In this battle, we choose the rich, brooding hero that’s locked in his mansion during the day and hunts evil at night.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

So, which one did you choose? We put in our vote on time, and whether you did that or cheated and looked at the pic first, we will never know. However, that little, adorable Batman is all the rage right now. “Captain America” was trampled. Sorry, Aris!

Full Body Shot

Okay, it’s time to stop with the close-up shots and go back to the full-body shots. Here, we can see that Augie grew up quite significantly throughout the whole journey and process. He looks so big in this picture; we feel the feels.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Once a tiny toddler, unaware of what he was doing, he’s now a big little man (as weird as that sounds) and developed his own style, ideas, and sense of humor. Poor Aristotle. He’s in for a wild ride with this one. We’re pretty sure Augie won’t stop bothering him anytime soon.

Baby Augie

Immediately after the previous picture was posted, another emerged that reminded all of us just how baby Augie looked when this first started. This picture is another close-up of their profiles. We have to admit, both of them look cute as hell.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

If you compare this picture to the previous one, you can see and analyze just how much he has grown in recent years. This is another lumberjack version of the boys in question, and as always, they shut the house down.

Strike a Pose!

Random and spontaneous pictures have their appeal, but posed ones are the ones that prompt all the laughs and create content at the end of the day. Sometimes it’s much funnier if someone poses intentionally than if they are caught off guard.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

This is one of those moments when Augie is not only imitating his uncle but also ridiculing him on purpose by striking a pose and copying his whole outfit. Aristotle must be so proud of his little nephew. But all that fuss for a running picture? Hilarious.

It’s All In the Details

When it comes to emulating an artist or an artwork, it all comes down to the details. It’s not enough if you wear the same clothes or make-up. You need to imitate the pose, the arms, and the hands, down to the last finger.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Although Augie is still a tiny little potato (it’s a nickname, okay!), he can still match body language well and follow instructions. Whether it was his mom that made him pose like this or it was his own doing, the little one is clearly a pro!

Emo Boy Cosplay

We all know those boys that love to dress like emo boys. No one understands them. They are different and antisocial, they only wear black, and their hair is long, soft, and luscious. Looks like our boys are cosplaying them here.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

This is one of the best ones yet! Augie seemed to fit into the role perfectly as he copied his uncle’s pose down to the hair ruffle. He even has his own fancy bling to match Aristotle’s! Though the watch might be a bit big on him, he still pulled it off.

Chaos Embodied

For some reason, everyone is under the impression that these two, besides looks and their online banter, have amazing and hilarious personalities. Moreover, we feel like their relationship is quite close and very heartwarming. Thanks to or despite this fun project.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

That said, we imagine little Augie had the time of his life recreating this photo. It is so chaotic; we love it. The sunglasses, the bandana, and that stapler on his ear just seals the deal for us. It is one of the best ones we’ve seen so far.

Cap and Glasses Look

In this picture, it is quite clear Augie is not fooling around. In his tiny world, he means business and business only. His oversized glasses look is what gets us in this last one. The whole atmosphere and poses are super funny.

Image Courtesy of babyandthebody/Instagram

Perhaps Aristotle thought, “Lemme be edgy; a handsome guy dressed in black, wearing glasses and some goofy, colorful socks. Yeaahhhh, that’s good!” Whereas Augie was like, “Hmmm, so, you said you forgot to pay your taxes, huh? Sorry man, we have to report this.”