Unconsciously Funny Things Pregnant Women Do

By Stephen M

Pregnancy is not an easy and funny journey. Having to carry a little one inside you for nine months, putting on weight, mood swings, dealing with the loss of appetite, and strange cravings – it’s like a battlefield of sorts.

However, everything has a fun side, including the most difficult moments of life. The same applies to pregnancy. It’s tough at times, it’s cute at other times, and it’s hilarious in some moments. Here are some funny stories of pregnant women.

Photo credits: @georgejrkamau/Pexels

A pregnant woman hilariously compared her pregnancy to a rotisserie chicken. Due to swollen legs preventing her from wearing her own shoes, another woman received a clown shoe from her husband. She is proud to show it.

Pregnancy stress made a woman so confused that she added 12 times the amount of baking powder to her cake. Safe to say that the result was not tasty. And maybe that’s why another pregnant lady refrained from cooking. She went out to get dinner but came back home with ice cream and candies!

A woman’s pregnancy brain led her to forget she was making pancakes, and she ended up making a completely different and weird food. And then there’s also forgetfulness, which made a pregnant woman put on different shoes and didn’t realize it until it was too late. Can you imagine how embarrassed she was?

Photo credits: @rakarachgo/Unsplash

The mad craving that comes with pregnancy made an expecting lady crave every flavor of Pringles out there – even the not-so-tasty ones. Finally, there are also all the physical changes pregnant women go through. One of these women realized that her belly would cough every time she coughed. Pretty weird!