What A Coincidence! 35+ People And Animals Standing Next To Signs And Paintings That Look Exactly Like Them

By Louise T

Despite having a population of over 7.9 billion humans, some people still refer to the Earth as a small world, and we can boldly tell you that they’re not wrong. With so many people occupying the planet, you would think we’re all different, but that’s not entirely the case. There are people who share almost all your physical features, from your hair color to your complexion, eyes, chin, and even your physique.

These people are not necessarily related to you; they are just random people who some refer to as doppelgangers. The amazing part of this phenomenon is that you don’t have to look for them to find out about their existence.

There are lots of online groups highly dedicated to sharing images of people and animals who found their lookalikes, and we are elated to share 40 of them with you.

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Most times, when we see a photo or painting of an important figure from the past, we end up being disappointed because of how basic and normal they end up looking. But this statue of Hadrian, the Roman Emperor, is on another level.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@nevertellmetheodds

We can tell from his statue and even his doppelgänger that he was indeed a regal emperor, and the resemblance is uncanny. From the nose, beard, hair, and even the hair. Impressive! Human faces really tend to recycle through the years.

Think Twice

We know some signs are fake and hold no truth to them, but this sign here is really living up to its name. So if you think it’s a joke and you’d like to play around this area, then you should think twice. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Redqueenhypo

It looks as though the bear was standing just right there, and someone came over and made him into a painting. The sign looks so real, and the prophecy foretold. We wonder if someone thought this picture came to life as we did.

The Meme People

We don’t know if this happened by sheer coincidence or if these three meme people planned to look and dress exactly like the meme on the wall. Whatever the reason for this, they managed to pull it off quite remarkably. 

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Although they don’t actually look very similar to the photo on the wall in terms of facial appearance, the dresses and expressions on their faces are almost perfect. But we wonder why this meme was hanging on the wall in the first place.

Shogun With A Painting Of Shogun

Shogun, in Japanese history, is a title given to military rulers during the 8th to 12th centuries. This is a strategy board war game designed by Dirk Henn, but what really caught our eye is the man painted on the front cover of the game.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Akihabarakatta

One thing we are sho’enough (pun intended) is that this man is really the shogun depicted on the cover, and he’s holding a portrait of himself. The beards, hair, and nose almost look completely like the same person. The only thing missing is his armor.

An Ancestor Or A Clone?

Even identical twins, who most times bear a striking resemblance, still have a thing or two that’s quite different from one another. The best part is that if you study them for a while, you’ll be able to tell them apart. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@zhyperadic

However, for the man sitting beside this portrait, the resemblance is so uncanny. Who knows? He might just be sitting down beside a picture of himself in his past life, and the funny part is that he probably doesn’t even know it.


The only answer we have been able to come up for this with is that this is surely the same duck from this ad and the plot twist is that it escaped the enclosure. Do wood ducks have the power to come to life? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Cocomorph

Maybe they do – because this is exactly the same duck from the ad. At least he didn’t duck and run like they always do. We bet you aren’t able to spot the differences. This is definitely the truth in advertising.

A True Work Of Art

We also agree with this man who said he found his wife in Chicago’s Art Museum. If you’ve never believed in reincarnation, then you might as well start now because it’s looking very plausible at this point. It’s the only explanation.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Tron- -17

This man’s wife looks like a masterpiece, and it’s as though the woman in the portrait indeed came back to life. We suggest this woman takes a genealogy test to find out her origin because the woman in the portrait might be her ancestor.

It Looks So Perfect 

This particular one keeps messing with us a lot; it’s just too perfect. We have seen different people try to align their faces and fill out the space outside a book cover or cd, but this one is quite stunning. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@SalzarRED

Although we’re not sure if she has any facial resemblance to the woman on the cover of the book, the hair and skin fit perfectly. For a minute, we imagined she looked exactly like this. It got you, too, right?

What A Coincidence 

We’re not sure if it’s just us, but for a brief moment, this graffiti looked like a picture of Gordon Ramsay, the famous British chef, restaurateur, and television personality. And this couple is almost a perfect lookalike of this wall graffiti. 

Image courtesy of www.theculturemap.com

The man said they found the graffiti in Berlin and tried their best to recreate the same exact look. If you ask us, every little thing in this image looks almost the same. Even the color of their hair looks very identical.

Most Wholesome Photo

This has got to be the most wholesome photo on the internet today. It’s both satisfying and sad, and Antonio’s lookalike surely feels the same way too. Most times, we can’t control when our body becomes weak or falls ill. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Asocial_Stoner

Aside from the fact that Antonio and his doppelgänger share a striking resemblance in everything, we are sorry to see Antonio go through such health problems. We’re glad he found a donor match and was able to make a full recovery.

Tuna Replica

This couple said they adopted their cat when he was two years old and often wondered what he looked like as a kitten. Well, now we know they have their answer. Even the spots and the fur color marks match purfectly

Image courtesy of Reddit/@whotookthenamezandl

He was a model before they got him and his agency probably conned him out of his money. At least he was humble enough not to tell his adopted parents he used to be a famous model. In this case, you’re definitely what you eat.

The Real Multiverse

Regardless of whether this is sheer coincidence or some crazy inception, the bottom line is that it’s a very rare occurrence. This is surely the highest level of cone-balism. An ice cream cone is ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone. 

mage courtesy of Reddit/@Censkey

We wonder how many people had to stop and stare in amazement at this, just like we are now. Whoever posted this image on the internet for all to see surely deserves a reward because this is the real meta!

She Found Herself In A Berlin Museum

Whether or not doppelgängers are real, seeing someone who looks like you is nothing but a bizarre encounter, for sure. The thought alone that you might meet someone who shares a striking resemblance to you in your lifetime is scary enough.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Asocial_Stoner

When you find your carbon copy, you’ll end up being shocked like this lady who found herself in the Berlin museum. Real style is timeless, just like these two women, their dressings, and even their choice of hair. The only thing missing is her flute.

Painter Or Actor?

We are beginning to suspect that there is something creepy about museums and their portraits because it seems people end up finding their lookalikes there without planning to. This is a portrait of the famous Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist artist. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@jessetyler

He emerged as one of the most famous figures in Western art after his death. Although this man shares enough resemblance with the artist, he’s not quite there yet. He also looks a lot like Mitchell Pritchett from Modern Family. Perhaps he’s him.

Customized Litter Box

We love how proud and possessive this cat looks on top of his litter box. This is surely a customized litter box specially designed for this cat, and we are sure he isn’t in a hurry to get down from it just yet. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@biggiesmolly

His beautiful gigantic eyes just make him look more adorable, and he sure is a great photo poser. Every single moment is a coincidence, and it’s amazing to see something like this. Even the cat knows this and must be delighted with this discovery.

This Looks Familiar

We thought that this painting looked familiar until this couple decided to recreate it. This is a painting of John the Baptist and Salome, a princess and daughter of King Herod in the Bible, who wanted his head on a platter at her mother’s request. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ValyrianSteelYoGirl

From this painting, we know how Princess Salome’s request ended. Now let’s hope this couple doesn’t get into their characters too much and take things too far. We’d hate to see the genre of things go from comedy to horror.

Giant Swallowtail

Here’s a fun fact we bet you didn’t know: butterflies have been observed to still be able to fly even when 70% of their wing surface is missing or damaged. This butterfly saw its lookalike in a book and decided to stop by.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@sv2342

Even though this butterfly is missing a little tail at the other end, it still looks exactly like the one in the photo. This is a once-in-a-lifetime coincidence; a butterfly resting on a photo of itself. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it?!

A Modern And Ancient Egyptian Man

There is a perfect duplicate for you somewhere that has almost every physical feature you possess. Now all that’s left is for you to find your facsimile. For this modern man, except for his cheekbone, every other feature looks the same. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Nirigialpora

His selfie with this 2000-year-old portrait of an Egyptian man during the Roman era makes us wonder if there haven’t been many generic mixtures in Egypt for 2000 years. We might be wrong, and it could be an ancestor of the modern Egyptian.

This One Counts

If you are a huge fan of Seth Rogen and James Franco, then you know when these two men get in a movie, it’s always a hit. Pineapple Express is obviously no different – an action comedy that features both stars. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@TheMineEmerald

We saw a book alignment earlier, but it’s nothing compared to this. This is beyond perfect! The nose, eyes, and mouth look the same; you can even picture them being Jimmy Franco and Seth Rogen. It really was meant to be.

It Belongs Here

Cats do not all look alike. They have different colors, different head shapes, and ears. But sometimes, it’s entirely possible for two cats to look very identical, even down to their fur patterns. This newly adopted cat definitely sees himself in his lookalike. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@motopotato

The amazing thing about a lookalike is that you tend to see yourself in the person, and this is one of the few perfect examples. While we’re shocked at how alike they look, we do have to appreciate that long and majestic fluffy tail.

The American Gothic

This is the painting called American Gothic by Grant Wood, an American painter whose paintings famously depict rural life. The man in the painting is Grant Wood’s dentist Dr. Byron McKeeby. He probably just looks a little older and wiser with his gray hair. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@DougWomble

For all his physical appearance and gait, this man sitting on this bus could also be a dentist like his lookalike. Who knows? We wonder if whoever took this picture told the man his dead ringer was directly behind him.

He Met His Twin

“Eventually, over time, we all become our own doppelgänger. You know, these completely different people who just happen to look like us.” That’s what a popular character from a popular sitcom once said. It’s clear the writers agree with us on this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@nfz74ru

For this guy, a completely different guy in this poster just happened to look like him. From the glasses, the color of his shirt, the nose, and to the smile, everything is just on point. This is a perfect match.

What Does Happiness Mean To You?

You can find peace and happiness even in the weirdest places. To us, happiness is having to look back at this picture even after a long time and remember just how adorable it was. Check out the painting and the sleeping pig lying by its side.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@gridzbispudvetch

For some, this happy memory could be a hot meal in the winter, while for others a warm place to lay their head. But for this happy pig, it’s to snuggle close to a painting that looks exactly like him and drift into dreamland.

You’re The Prime Suspect

It’s crazy enough that someone can mistake you for somebody else because of how strong the resemblance might be, but what may be crazier is for you to be mistaken for a notorious criminal. We’re so sure this guy must be thinking, “it really wasn’t him.”

Image courtesy of Reddit/@VanillaJorilla

The worst part is that people would assume you committed the crime, and you could get into so much trouble for something you know nothing about or even did. It definitely wasn’t him, or perhaps he just ended up turning a new leaf.

Something About These Museums

Just like we said earlier, we’re beginning to think the best place to find your lookalike is to make a quick stop at a museum and look at paintings, preferably in Berlin. It’s as though these painters could see the future.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@siouxsie_siouxv2

They ended up painting photos of people yet to be born. Another theory could be that they only painted people who they knew would end up reincarnating. We are starting to think reincarnation is probably possible. This is literally the exact same person.

Identical Twins

This user said her cat looks just like the one on his food bag, and indeed he does. From the eyes to even the fur color and patterns, we don’t doubt it one bit. We have to say, the resemblance on this one is uncanny! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@RespectMyAuthoriteh

For all we know, this might even be the same cat because the similarities are just so unreal. Even twins don’t look this similar; they still have a few distinctive features. This seems like an exact replica, or what do you think?

It’s A Match 

They say that getting a new haircut changes your appearance and makes you a different person for a few weeks. But there is no way this photo isn’t him because we are 100% sure it is. Even the color of the beards is the same.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@neZquick__

It’s a match, and we don’t want to believe otherwise. But we wonder how he would feel if he saw an image of himself getting a haircut before he got the actual haircut. If he freaked out, we wouldn’t blame him.

Found A Butterfly At The London Zoo

Earlier in this listicle, we saw a giant swallowtail picture and its replica in person. This time around, it’s a blue clipper butterfly. It’s not very often you get to see a butterfly land on the same photo of itself.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@CaptainNoskills

We are glad that someone was thoughtful enough to save this memory for us and put it on the internet for us to see. The butterfly probably thought he had found a soulmate, only to realize with disappointment that it was just a picture.

The Son Of A Marshall Indeed

This has got to be a joke or some sort of prank because there’s no way this is not the same guy. His eyes, ears, smile, teeth, and even the extra-long neck are the same. We highly recommend he takes a DNA test. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@TJ_Blank

Either his parents are lying to him about his twin, or he got cloned by the government at one point. We wouldn’t mind going in for an autograph. It’s not every day you see the model of a school’s advertisement standing around casually.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Thurston

The picture behind is a portrait of Thurston Waffles, the white cat known for its loud distinctive meows and funny reactions. Who doesn’t love Mr. Waffles, the cat who stole our hearts and became one of the most famous cats of that time?

Image courtesy of Reddit/@kdrnic

It was a rough 2019 until Thurston came along, during which several memes of him were released across the internet. At least his cute doppelgänger kitty looks more adorable and less scary. Sadly, Thurston Waffles passed on a while back. 

Found A Time Traveler At A Bar

According to an interesting article, doppelgängers have essentially similar expressions and a combination of DNA, which means it is very possible for two or more people to look almost the same and possibly share similar interests and live similar lives.  

Another approach is that this man is just a time traveler from the past, and this is a portrait of himself in ancient times. Is it just us, or do the two men share a strong similarity with Orlando Bloom?


The amazing thing about doppelgängers is that you don’t have to meet them in real life. A simple photo of your lookalike is enough to make it a fun surprise for you and make you realize how much of yourself you see in the person.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ijodie

At first glance, it looks as though the cat is staring into a mirror, and we suggest they hang it a little lower. But this is actually a picture of a cat that looks exactly like this woman’s cat. Simply purrfect.

Uncanny Encounter 

This one sure belongs here. We’re not sure if it’s a painting of someone who looks like him or if someone made a drawing of him on the wall because he’s a regular at the bar. Regardless of the truth, it must have been a truly uncanny encounter.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@dapperpeppermint

This painting really looks so much like him that, at the end of the day, it might not be sheer coincidence; we’ll never know. But whoever made this drawing using chalk must really be a fine artist because this is pure art!

Antique Clone

Despite it being highly unlikely for you to have a double who looks exactly like you with the same physical features, it’s not entirely impossible. The woman said she found her doppelgänger at an antique mall, and we totally agree with her.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ejtommy

With curly hair, thin and taut lips, long perfect lashes, and huge eyes, we can’t just call this a coincidence because it’s way more than that. It’s time for some web search on her ancestry. We just hope she bought that picture.

Too Much Of A Coincidence 

A coincidence is a wonderful thing indeed, but this is too coincidental to be a coincidence. Here’s a picture of someone who found their double in this rail station ad. They even have on the same shirt and the same type of hair.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@VonVee

Sometimes you don’t need to have the same facial features to look alike – just having the same energy is enough to make you look similar to someone else. But in this case, the hand, hair, and even the torso curves are the same.

His Very Own Portrait

When you take a look at this next picture, you’ll probably think the same thing that we thought: there is no way this is a coincidence. Well, believe it or not, life is able to prank us in the funniest ways possible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@disbarredowl

Most people think this guy put on that shirt on purpose because he had been to the doctor’s office and knew the sign would be there. But he swears he didn’t know and that this is literally a crazy coincidence.

When You Love A Movie So Much

Unless you have been living isolated from the modern world, you probably have a favorite movie. And you probably love having a token of your love for that movie. Some people get tattoos that represent the movies, while others dress up like the characters.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@tt4yy4

And then there is this guy – who is lucky enough to naturally and effortlessly look like the main character of one of his favorite movies. Well, at least that’s what he thinks. We can’t tell if there are any similarities or if they just have the same haircut.

Poor Guy Has No Idea

We love the fact that some people look like random paintings or statues, and they know it. But we honestly love it more when the person has no idea that they look like they came straight out of a random sign.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Brohemianrasputin

This guy was going home after a long day at work. He was focusing on texting his girlfriend to ask her if she wanted him to bring dinner from their favorite restaurant. It’s hilarious that he didn’t realize that he looked exactly like the guy in the ad behind him!

If Dad Was Into Punk Rock

While some people would probably feel offended if someone told them they looked like people on random signs and ads, others love it. This guy couldn’t stop laughing when his friends pointed out that he looked like the dad on this random sign.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Petey_Yum_Yum

If we didn’t know any better, we would mistakenly guess that these two guys are siblings or something. Well, they are not related at all, despite the resemblance being uncanny. The guy from the ad looks like the suburban version of the rebel guy who took the picture.

When You Were A Man In A Past Life

To end this listicle on a great note, here is yet another woman who was at a museum and realized that she looked just like one of the paintings. The only difference here is that she is a woman, and the painting depicts a young boy.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Timoris

The woman loved it when her friend pointed out that she looked just like this boy. Maybe it’s the haircut or the fact that their traits (especially their eyes) look similar. At the end of the day, we’re just happy she decided to take this picture and share it on the internet.