Venn Diagram Memes That Prove Not All Diagrams Are Useful—And Not All Of Them Are Boring

By Ruby M August 16, 2022

A Venn diagram, for those of you who do not know, visually represents the similarities and differences between two or more concepts and uses circles to show these commonalities or differences. Once, before the time of memes taking over the internet, these diagrams were only found in textbooks or studies; but now they are often used to create humor. The internet has gone wild over some truly brilliant Venn diagrams, where users have gotten really creative with the concept. These are some of our favorites. 

First up, anyone who has a cat or knows anyone with a cat will be able to tell you that cats have a split personality: Sometimes they will only want to love you, give cuddles, and even allow a belly rub, but in the same breath of air they can turn into real a**holes: 

Courtesy of: ParallelParkingInABurka/ Imgur

There are more people out there than the world cares to admit, but honestly, who has time for coasters when they’re in the middle of trying to beat a deadline by keeping awake with caffeine? Not us, that’s for sure:

Courtesy of: rockcontent

Funnily enough, even though the world thought that it might be ending, it kept on spinning, so it’s really no surprise that our bosses kept us going to work during the pandemic. Hey, on the bright side, at least it made for some hilarious visual content:

Courtesy of: _tomcashman/ Twitter

The most accurate one for last, of course: This is a hilarious and only-too-true visual representation of most of our lives. We doubt anyone can disagree with this. Alas, the last time we checked, reading funny Venn diagrams online doesn’t make any money. *Queue sad face*:

Courtesy of: ParallelParkingInABurka/ Imgur