Wedding Picture Stand-Ins Create A Bromantic Photoshoot

By Ruby M

Weddings — wonderful memories created on a very special day, where two people in love commit to each other for life and become one. For anyone who has gotten married, is planning their wedding, or has even just attended one as a guest knows that there are months of planning involved to make the day “perfect.”

One of the most important roles played on the wedding day, aside from the bride and groom, of course, is that of the photographer. And the good ones really get into it. 

Some photographers might even want to check out the venue beforehand and snap a few informal shots to find the best spots to take photos on the special day. This photographer had such a request, but sometimes, especially if you’re an overworked bride, things can slip through the cracks. Like this little miscommunication between the bride and photographer that resulted in the groom’s BFF having to take her place for the practice shots. And the results are too funny not to share.

Image courtesy of Chris Peach/Cover Images

As you can see, these two probably had a bromance blossoming long before the bride was even in the picture (pun intended), and these photos are definitely a tribute to their friendship. The “couple” even shared some beautiful romantic-looking photographs that will definitely be used on birthday and Christmas cards for years to come. 

Image courtesy of Chris Peach/Cover Images

In fact, the two should make a Facebook page and share all of their “broments,” because the internet is definitely going to be rooting for this friendship until the end of time.