What Happens When You Use A New Word In A Convo? Twitter Users Share Their Experiences

By Kanyi M

Have you ever been roasted for using a word that no one could understand? Or for correcting a spelling error? Or for mispronouncing a word that everyone else can pronounce? Many people on Twitter have

1. WeirdBristol had it rough one day after work when he pointed out that the moon was a gibbous one. A colleague, who never knew that the 4 phases of the mon had names, refused to believe WeirdBristol when he said that the word gibbous was a word. He got even angrier when the dictionary confirmed that WeirdBristol wasn’t making words up.

Image credits: @WeirdBristol / Twitter

2. To be fair, mandaloridriver deserved the thrashing he got after dropping “antidisestablishmentarianism” into a conversation. Who uses such words while casually cutting cauliflowers?

Image credits: @mandaloridriver / Twitter

Another undeserving recipient of the Twitter thrashing, MattCrivelli should have known that you should be having the exact change while checking out at a shop.

Image credits: @MattCrivelli / Twitter

Jay Spencer Green probably looked like he was faking it at the factory while announcing that he was writing a novel. But who is to judge someone who is trying to be a writer?

Image Credits: @JaySpencerGreen / Twitter

There’s body shaming and then there’s face shaming.  Ben Jam Scones talked of someone who was nicknamed “Plato” because his face looked like a plate and not because he was a philosopher like the name implied.

Image credits: @BenJamScones / Twitter

– Mousy1985 realized she was suffering from success when someone went on a date with her and was confused by half the time she was talking.

Image credits: @Mousy1985 / Twitter