When Wives Decided To Pull Hilarious Pranks On Their Husbands

By Moureen N

As couples get more intimate, they start getting playful. This is always displayed by how they behave around each other while out with their peers or around the house. In most cases, wives are more hilarious and playful as they strive to make their homes happier.

Some wives have done things that were incredibly funny. One wife got her husband a watch with a hysterically ruthless engraving. On it was written, “I will love you for the rest of YOUR life 5/10/14.”

Courtesy: Stumbling_Corgi / Reddit

In another bawdy instance, a wife changed her husband’s autocorrect to say “penis” whenever he typed “love.” Who does that? While getting all artistic, a wife left a note for the husband on the shower switch saying, “Turn me on.

Courtesy: Wildest83 / Reddit

Elsewhere, a wife is quoted saying that she always pestered her husband to eat bananas for his leg cramps. One night, she got him a banana, but he was pretty upset because the streaming service was recommending Nicholas Cage’s movies incessantly, and her husband hated the actor. When Christmas came around, she found him a perfect gift: a pillow with a banana and Nicholas Cage stamped on it!

Another case has a wife putting a bumper sticker on the back of the husband’s truck, which said, “Honk if you have to poop,” right above the exhaust pipe.

In any case, these women deserve comedy awards – but from their husbands, of course! We’re pretty sure her guys had the best time when the ladies played these pranks on them.