Wholesome Couple Gestures From A Special Online Group

By Kanyi M

To what extent do you go to preserve the perfection of your relationship? Do you perhaps refuse to have any fun and find it hard to laugh around each other? That’s why we’re sharing these hilarious examples of wholesome boyfriends and girlfriends who can’t help but poke a little bit of fun at their significant other. It’s just that they’re so in love that they know the other person won’t be offended by it. These wholesome couples are so sweet!


We’ll start off with this boyfriend who takes the time to tell his girlfriend about the big event of the day. I mean, does your pet anxiously await your return from work? We know that ‘s what a lot of people like about dogs, but still.

Image credits: funny / Reddit

Rodents make great pets. Especially gerbils. The bored boyfriend , however, knows that he has to keep his girlfriend happy and entertained. And if it means spending the day setting up an art gallery for a gerbil, then that’s what he’s going to do! We’re sure he did a great job on it by the way, but we’d love to see more pictures of it. He isn’t the best artist but its the thought that matters, right?

Image credits: Sifaat_Afzal / Reddit

Zoom and Skype calls aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, but this girlfriend wants her boyfriend to be comfortable while they’re doing it. So, she’s been putting him on camera with a stuffed animal by his side. Whenever she needs to do something off camera, the boyfriend gets to look at that stuffed sea lion.