Woman Has Had Enough Of Taking Her Neighbour’s Numerous Packages Every Day Because They Won’t Fix Their Doorbell

By Ruby M

When you live in a friendly neighborhood, you’re bound to make a few good friends. It’s always handy having some good companions living next door to enjoy Sunday BBQs with, keep watch of each other’s homes when one of you goes away, and even in some cases, accept packages being delivered when you’re at work.

Image courtesy of: sousaj / Via reddit.com

However, “Occasional” is not the term we’d use to describe the number of times these neighbors have asked this woman to receive their online deliveries for them. After getting to the point of desperation, the woman decided to post on an online parenting forum for some advice – and to get the frustration off her chest.

The woman posted on Mumsnet under the username Frazzled2207. She explained that she has four neighbors, and two of the houses are very fenced off—with a tall wall, electric gates, and the works. These neighbors seem to be living a pretty lavish lifestyle – except for the fact that the bell to their gate doesn’t work  – The friendly woman soon realized that her isolated neighbors often order online deliveries but never seem to be able to receive them (even if they are obviously home). At first, she thought that accepting the parcels as a friendly gesture was no issue and that they would be repairing their bell soon.


Frazzled2207 was shocked to discover the bell hasn’t been working for years – and she’s fed up with receiving her seemingly lazy neighbors’ parcels sometimes several times a day. She asked the parents of Mumsnet for advice – does she confront her neighbors or simply refuse to accept any more packages and let them figure it out for themselves?

Users commented their shock at the neighbor’s rudeness and gave poor Frazzled2207 some much-needed advice on how to deal with the problem. Mostly, people advised that she should just stop taking the parcels altogether.