A Twist On Stranger Danger: 40+ Funny Conversations Sparked By People Texting The Wrong Number

By Aileen D

Whenever we receive a wrong text message, we usually hit the delete button. But not these folks. Wanting to gain their time’s worth, or maybe because they’re just inherently funny, they decided to continue the conversation — all of which led to these comedic results.

For example, a concerned mother whose child was not performing well at school because of video games texted someone who she thought was her kid’s teacher about it. The hilarious recipient must have received the message and thought it was a great opportunity to pull the woman’s leg. So, they suggested Call of Duty!

After reading these conversations, we can’t help but wish that the people we’ve previously sent a wrong text to were as witty. Have you ever received one? If you have, did you respond like these natural-born comedians?

Same, Bruh

Contrary to popular opinion, kids sometimes aren’t life’s greatest joys. At least not according to this guy. They poop, cry, and worse, they talk back at you when they grow up. So no, we would send a return package to the Christmas stork if we could.

Image courtesy of Jullees / Reddit

Something tells us this must have been a particularly stressful day on the parenting front. There, there Julian. We hear you. Legally, you’re only required to look after your kids until they are 18. That day is specific. Until then, we wish you all the best with them.

Uncle Who?

If you were born into a big family, you have probably encountered this problem. Sometimes it is tough to keep tabs on all of your mum and dad’s kin, especially their names and faces. This happened to our next poster.

Image courtesy of bookbindinqueer/ Reddit

Whether or not they had an uncle named Frank didn’t matter in the end. The person liked the idea of a freshly opened bottle of champagne rib-eye steak and dining with extended family. We hope they finally agreed on who will bring what to that special dinner.

Thanks for the Intel

We don’t know what Lisa and Jack’s relationship status is here. According to the thread, Lisa is awfully concerned about how Jack is doing. So naturally, she sends a quick test to find out. Needless to say, the response was totally confusing.

Image courtesy of Conflictd_confection / Reddit

We bet Lisa’s eyes widened upon reading that. She must have struggled to recollect herself after discovering that Jack had been incarcerated and given another shot at life because of a technicality! Too much info, by the way. We can only hope that the real Jack is okay wherever they are.

Yes Man

A Yes Man is someone who always agrees with what you say. They basically parrot your ideas back in fear of rocking the boat. This person thought that was the best way to handle this situation, given that Jennifer’s job performance was under evaluation.

Image courtesy of gonnaholdmytung / Reddit

We have to give this wrong text sender some credit. Others would not have found out about their mistake as fast as they did. Also, kudos to fake-Ceasar for the kind words on Jenny’s performance. Too bad they won’t count in the decision!

Of Birthdays and Black Kitties

This person received a text from someone wishing them a happy birthday as they turned a year older. The problem was the receiver knew it was months away from their birthday. So they decided to return the advance wishes with a picture of their cat.

Image courtesy of bender IT/ Reddit

However, by the look of these texts, the sender did not appreciate their sense of humor, which is kinda sad. Maybe they come from a community whose people believe that black cats represent bad luck. Either way, there was no need to be mean. It’s never that serious.

Just Some Clarifications

These guys have a weekly game night session. It’s a two-on-two competition, and the winner takes all the goodies and bragging rights for the entire week. Just before the event, the team leader decided to send a reminder about where the event will be held and when.

Image courtesy of flavored neon / Reddit

Bet this woman would be able to beat them at their game if she wanted to. She just didn’t like to be referred to as a ‘gent’ in this weird reminder. We think she would be able to make it the following week if these guys agreed to reschedule.

Jumpscare IRL

This person was looking for Jolia. They sent her a text at 2 am and waited for a reply. But what they received later gave them a literal jumpscare. Forget Jolia. This stranger is a better conversationalist than she ever could be!

Image courtesy of crosxBoww / Reddit

It’s always the perfect time to do a little trick-or-treat on someone. It doesn’t matter what day or month it is. This guy did it so flawlessly that we’re sure the wrong text sender will always remember this hilarious situation anytime they text Jolia.

A Different Universe

How would you feel if the sociopathic genius scientist “Rick Sanchez” replied to your wrong text? We would probably beg him to take us on one of those intergalactic adventures. But it seems like Rick only likes to drag his grandchildren on those quests.

Image courtesy of berkeleyjake / reddit

Rick Sanchez might have been drunk here or something. He seems awfully kind to this wrong text sender. *Spoiler alert: That’s because “Unity” was a past fling. She had to break it up with him because he always had a bad influence on her if they spent time together too long. Sad.

Guy Can’t Get It

This person would have ignored the wrong text he received. However, he decided to send a last-minute response to the sender. He thought that was the end of it until he received this conversation starter the next day. Even we wouldn’t save your number, Stephanie.

Image courtesy of godrifle / Reddit

Unfortunately, the person just couldn’t get it. That would be enough to ignite the ego of Abaddon, the angel of the abyss, into unleashing a plague of locusts unto Los Angeles. The sender should have searched the term “Abaddon” on Google first. But thank heavens they didn’t because now we have this funny thread.

Thought We Were Friends

This person hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast and lunch. So, it was such great timing when they received a text from a friend whom they thought could help them with a recipe for Nashville hot chicken. But it seems like the friend was just as confused.

Image courtesy of Happy-Nature9089/Reddit

Avrill’s friend, not to worry. We can sort this Nashville hot chicken recipe thing out. How about telling us your version of the classic while we get a jumpstart on thawing the chicken? We can even invite you to dine with us after we’re done cooking!

Out of Wishes

Whoever this person is, if they can geek out about a Death Note doujinshi, then they have the time to find work and earn money from it. They really ought to stop asking other people to buy them gifts, especially strangers.

Image courtesy of trouble_walking/ Reddit

You have got to give this stranger some credit. They couldn’t help but give an honest remark about this person’s wishlist. That’s too much to ask from a stranger and more so for a simple print item. But maybe it’s just the price you pay for being a friend to a Manga fan!

Say What?

Sending memes is one of Gen Z’s favorite ways of delivering a message. You just have to be up to date with the popular ones to understand them. This guy might have to brush up on his internet social skills to understand what the receiver is trying to tell him.

Image courtesy of salty4lightning / Reddit

In case you aren’t among the few millions of people born in this generation, this guy was trying to tell the wrong text sender that he had been woken for nothing. In simple terms, they weren’t whoever the sender thought they were, so it would be better to just move on.

Too Late

There are some wrong text messages you simply feel compelled to respond to. After being told that this sender removed a laugh from a movie, the receiver just had to ask how they did it. Is this a millennial phrase or something?

image courtesy of hellolmugl / Reddit

Even we are just as confused as this person was. We have never heard of this idiomatic expression before. If it is a millennial phrase, then we think that they have to come up with something better. Have you ever come across this?

Bringing the Shovel

This person unknowingly uncovered a sinister, murderous plan. Thankfully, it wasn’t a plan to kill them. He texted a friend asking what they would be doing over the weekend when he found out about the latter’s scheme to kill Stacy.

Image courtesy of unfair-ad-6693/Reddit

What would you do if you were the sender of this text? If you’re the type to find this entertaining, then you can always invite yourself to this murderous party. Bet this stranger had only come up with a half-baked plan.

Landing A Deal

Now, this is what we call a great sales agent. You would identify one from their expert social skills and timing. They’re also incredibly patient. When this real estate agent followed up with a client, he got a hilarious counteroffer he had not expected.

Image courtesy of Reidy Jnr / Reddit

Finding the new offer somewhat acceptable, the brilliant sales agent told the wrong text recipient to throw in a can of tuna. That would definitely sweeten any deal. If all that stood between us and owning a home was tuna, we would buy out whatever cans our nearest grocery store had left!

Confusing Identity

This person couldn’t get themselves out of a hairy situation after sending a wrong text to a stranger. Now, the stranger was asking them to wire some money. Sounds like they are being made to act as an accomplice in an elaborate plan to escape Nigeria.

Image courtesy of archebald_roughneck / Reddit

Pro tip: you can always choose to ignore. If you find yourself texting the wrong number, you can apologize, and that will be the end of it. The sender here also seems to be experiencing a conflicting sense of identity just to thwart the recipient’s requests.

Off the Hook

Being a good friend, this person was asked by Bonny to babysit their dog. “It’s only for the weekend” we’re sure that’s how the negotiation went down. Unfortunately, it hadn’t even been a day when the pooch made a mess of things. So, the aggrieved person decided to send evidence of the criminal act.

Image courtesy of xunbakedpiex / Reddit

Well, we would be pissed, too, if Bony’s dog pissed on our bed. We would be so mad that we wouldn’t even care to double-check the number we were sending the text to. Since Bonny couldn’t be reached, it might have been better to let that mattress air dry while they kept waiting.

Making Friends

After attending a party, this person couldn’t help but indulge the urge to share the pictures with a friend. They only realized that it was the wrong number when they received this funny selfie. Well, if it makes things better, everyone looks gorgeous!

Image courtesy of allyson_chains / Reddit

This is a strange but effective way to make friends and rake in compliments. Thanks to this poster, we have a new way to solicit people’s approval of our #OOTD. Just send to multiple numbers at the same time for the best results!

Count Me In

If you’re lucky, you can score a free dinner after receiving a wrong text message. This person did. Someone had left Bubba a whole pan of spaghetti and garlic bread in the refrigerator, and just like the nice person they were, they texted him to remind him to eat it.

Image courtesy of stayelevated33 / reddit

Bubba was not present to gobble up the undoubtedly tasty dish. Luckily, this wrong text recipient had no problem eating it. All the sender had to do was text the address, and they would be there within the hour! Oh, whose stomach wouldn’t growl at the thought of yummy spaghetti in the fridge?

Well, Okay

The worst wrong text messages you can ever receive are those from someone who is in need of some loving. The next person on our list requested a ‘sexy picture.’ And being in the mood, this wrong text recipient gladly obliged.

Image courtesy of ember light / Reddit

It might not have counted for an R-rated picture, but we are sure it left this wrong text sender wanting more! What an effective way to quench someone’s thirst! We have to commend this guy for their quick thinking. The weird glasses were also a nice touch.

A Different Breed

Whoever said that the baby boomer generation was rude and outdated was generalizing. There are many, like Papa Gary here, who make us believe in Santa Claus and hope for a better world. It almost makes us grateful for all wrong number texts.

Image courtesy of ridergeek1 / Reddit

Ever the gentleman, Papa Gary wished this random stranger a wonderful Christmas before deleting their number. We imagine that he sighed deeply and rewrote his sweet text, hoping that this time around, he would get his granddaughter. Cammie, please tell us you got it.

Just Making Sure

Of all the wrong text senders, you wouldn’t want to be this type. Susan here was a bit too pushy, insisting (and partly hoping) that she had sent a text to Cara. Even when she was told that she had sent a text to the wrong person, she just had to make sure.

Image courtesy of Dartainia/Reddit

Susan could have been really looking forward to getting in touch with Cara, that she still found the recipient’s messages obscure. Also, instead of giving up on Susan altogether, this person hilariously suggested that she could get paid to be whoever Susan wanted her to be. Win-win!

No, Not At All

This wrong text sender may have stumbled into a really sticky situation. After asking how someone’s factory was doing, they found out that it was near ruins. Oh, the effort it took this guy to paint a picture. They would make such a great writer.

Image courtesy of andyworthless / Reddit

Dropped the os? This guy doesn’t seem to have an off-switch! So funny! And while the real Carlos might have a real factory, this person’s imagined factory is on the verge of a dangerous meltdown. Glad to know that it doesn’t exist.

Count Me In

It’s difficult making friends when you’re an adult. You really have to put in the time and effort into maintaining those relationships. But first, you’ve got to meet people. The beauty in receiving wrong text messages is that you can do away with that first step.

Image courtesy of cakalusa / Reddit

Now, Alice can’t invite Mary. There was only room for one more person on the trip, and with this stranger coming, there was no space left for the real Mary. Who wouldn’t want to tag along (and come face to face with Godzilla) after hearing this travel itinerary?

Okay, Mom

Ever had someone tell you that they were going to drop by the local mart for a few minutes? Bet you told them instinctively to pick up something for you along the way. Out of habit, this wrong text recipient did the same. Pick me up some goat cheese!

Image courtesyof natopotatomusic / Reddit

If this kind soul were to bring the recipient some goat cheese, we are sure they would be eternally grateful. It is such an inconvenience to have to drive to the store to buy a single key ingredient you didn’t know you needed for a recipe.

Which is Which

Of all the wrong text conversations we have read, this is by far the funniest. We can’t tell if this recipient was eager to have a guest come over or deathly afraid of an unexpected visitor. Can you tell us which is which by reading the exchange below?

Image courtesy of darth_xenic / Reddit

Sounds to us like this person is excited to have someone over. In our heads, they immediately got to checking the fridge and thawing some beef to grill. After prepping the dish, they pretty much wondered where their ‘unexpected’ guest was and why they were taking too long!

Deal Went South

Imagine getting a text from someone who was making an offer to buy your property. How would you react? Well, this poster hilariously demanded that the prospective buyer deliver the cash in unmarked bills at a bus station. Sounds oddly specific if you ask us.

Image courtesy of porkpotsticker/ Reddit

Of course, it would have been quicker for this guy to say their property was not up for sale. But that wouldn’t have been fun, would it? We can only hope that the prospective buyer was a fan of Mafia movies because otherwise, the joke was wasted on them.

Explains It

Anne here made the mistake of getting ahead of herself. After being asked who had sent the message, she quickly introduced herself and then asked, have you forgotten me? It never occurred to her that there might have been another reason for the question.

Image courtesy of happy-nature-9089/ Reddit

The recipient might have suffered brain trauma and forgotten all about his life, friends, and family. Or, most likely, it was simply a stranger wondering who had texted them. We don’t know why Anne assumed she’d been forgotten so fast.

Led On

Some wrong text recipients cut the pretense when they get caught. However, there are some like this one who continued to stay in character well after the sender had realized that they had texted the wrong number. All in due time, folks!

Image courtesy of peeleatshrimp / Reddit

That escalated quickly. Although we don’t blame Lisa for the feisty reaction. She started the conversation well by asking the recipient if they were an equestrian coach, and instead of being told no, her naivete was preyed on. Sometimes, what sounds like a joke might be too much for the other person.

Therapy Session

This wrong text sender had just gotten off the phone with her boyfriend. She could feel her heart shattering into pieces and her mascara running down her face. She hurriedly typed a message and sent it to Danny, her human plush pillow.

Image courtesy of rough-definition1719 / reddit

Such a kind stranger! They were also respectful enough not to pry and gave level-headed, solicited advice. Knowing how it must feel to break up with someone, they indulged the sender and chose to help. Not many people would empathize like that.

Sentence Construction

We have this knack for double-checking our grammar and sentence construction when sending a message to a new number. First impressions count. You wouldn’t want someone to think that you were illiterate in this day and age now, would you?

Image courtesy of CrispyBigToes / Reddit

If you are sending someone a message, then it is best that you introduce yourself. It is just wrong to ask someone who they are when you ought to have double-checked the number yourself. What’s even worse is that this sender kept asking. Never offer personal information, like names, to strangers.

Just Dropping By

We don’t like believing in fate. We hate the idea of being fated to have a bad hair day or being fated to receive wrong text messages frequently. But if the concept of fate means that a kind stranger wishes us a good day when we’re down, then we just might change our minds.

Image courtesy of Kingdog369 / reddit

Now, these kinds of messages thaw the heart and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. We also want to join in on the fun and wish this sender a great day! We also hope they were able to find the correct number of the person they wanted to text.

A Handy Sub

Based on this thread, Catherine is a pretty bossy lady. Without even greeting Wendy, she immediately gave instructions about tomorrow’s charity dinner. But it looks like the cat got her tongue when she found out she had ordered the wrong person around.

Image courtesy of masterpiecewaste23 / Reddit

Hey, it’s not a big deal, Catherine. We have a willing substitute for you if you can’t contact Wendy. Of course, she’ll assist you at the right price. Consider this mistake a done deal after texting where the charity dinner will be held and the driver’s contact details.

Feefees Hurt

Listen, kids. If someone sends you a wrong text, you don’t have to be rude and insult them. Somewhere on the other side of the line is a human being with wee lil feefees that are valid and must be respected.

Image courtesy of Marianeta/ Reddit

The ‘stranger danger’ meme knocked us out! To be fair, anyone would be irked by such a reply after politely introducing themselves. Anyone that’s not us, of course. The recipient could have simply introduced themselves and asked what Selena’s intentions were or ignored her altogether.

No S*it

Once again, we have another wrong text sender who just couldn’t get the hint. Jessica was told (quite clearly) that she had sent the message to the wrong number. However, she wouldn’t listen and kept insisting that whoever she was talking to was the research manager.

Image coutesy of dmkern / Reddit

This stranger was actually pretty patient throughout the entire process. If we were in their shoes, we would have simply sent ‘wrong number’ and then ignored Jessica’s subsequent texts. She would have understood it in time. Look’s like the third time really is the charm.

Role Model

Call us old-fashioned, but it’s better to leave someone feeling good about themselves even if they have committed a mistake. After pointing out that the sender had not sent the text to Kristin, this recipient sent them a meme that undoubtedly put a smile on their face.

Image courtesy of nicholas_akira/ Reddit

So, if you happen to have an opportune moment to use a meme, we suggest that you use it to humor or uplift someone. Refrain from lambasting people for minor mistakes like sending a message to the wrong number. It’s just mean and unbecoming.

Contact List

Here is another piece of unsolicited advice. If you ever want to remember a list of things to buy at the grocery mart, you can send a text to yourself. Or send it to a known number in your contact list – like, say, your husband.

Image courtesy of brookeisshook / Reddit

Your husband will not only understand what the list is for but will likely buy it for you. However, don’t send these sorts of lists to a stranger. The benevolent Samaritan is quite rare nowadays. So, it’s best if you just go with our suggestion lest you find yourself in this kind of situation.

Done with Rose

After being left to freeze in the Atlantic Ocean, “Jack” has finally discovered his self-worth. He is done with “Rose” and her selfish attitude, and now, he is giving away the redhead to anyone who wants her. Either that or he leaves her to suffer the same fate he did.

Image courtesy of Ionasfinser / Reddit

That’s quite the script Jack had there. But instead of making us reach for the paper towels, this ending made us break into laughter. We think Jack could have lived that night if Rose had scooched a bit farther on the plank. What do you think?

Rational Thought

If you are not a morning person, you definitely find mornings tough. It’s difficult to get out of bed, let alone brew yourself a pot of coffee. The icy water is unforgiving, and breakfast almost always tastes stale without half a pound of spiced ham.

Image courtesy of chaseguy21 / Reddit

But it wasn’t the icy water that jolted this sender awake. It had been the confused reply of the recipient that brought him out of his morning reverie. And now we are in the mood for some spiced ham.

Both at Fault

It might have been the holiday rush, so we completely understand how this sender mistakenly sent a message to the wrong person. She was looking for a partner to go Christmas shopping with, but fake Nora’s intentions were not in keeping with the Christmas cheer.

Image courtesy of archebald_roughneck / Reddit

Poor Sophia. Even if she had invited this person out to shop with her, we’re sure they would have ashamedly said no. We can only hope that she finally got hold of Nora and had a quick laugh about this weird exchange.

AI at Your Service

Imagine mistakenly sending a message to an AI. This user was asking how someone was doing when the AI decided to tell them what the word ‘up’ really means. It took them a couple of minutes to get the joke.

Image courtesy of NoCommercial 1874 / reddit

The sender had made a cute little comeback. And it’s a good thing that they also took the joke in stride. How many seconds do you think it would have taken you to know that you had sent a message to the wrong number?

Playing the Victim

You won’t believe this plot twist. This sender had been desperate to secure a television set. He offered to buy it for different prices, and each time he did, he was told by the recipient that they had texted the wrong person.

image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

That’s as clear as it gets, telling someone that they were texting the wrong number. Wouldn’t it have been better if the recipient had stopped responding altogether? It might have saved them from being accused of wasting someone else’s time.


After NN November, this sender thought it was only right that they shake off the heat. He sent a message to a number that he thought belonged to an old fling. Instead of being offended by the proposal, the recipient responded with this hilarious image.

Image courtesy of SpareSerotonin48 / Reddit

Sadly, this pirate did not receive a reply after sending a picture of the booty. The deal went South so fast, which was kind of disappointing. But it doesn’t matter; they are still rich — at least in wit and timing.

Literal Giveaway

This person went to extreme lengths to humor this text sender. And we understand why. They were asking about the recipe for a grilled octopus. It’s channeling our inner Ramsay Gordon. The name is a dead giveaway for the recipe!

Image courtesy of tiger_torakio/ Reddit

There is really no other way to grill an octopus except to grill it. It’s a no-brainer! But it’s important that the sender know just when to remove the octopus to keep it from getting overly rubbery. If she leaves it on the grill for too long, it’s best to garnish it with raw octopus.

Wise Choice

There is no undoing the monumental decision to have kids. Sure, it can be a very worthwhile and rewarding experience, but it’s also not one that should be taken lightly. Our next recipient sounds like they agree with these sentiments.

Image courtesy of ThatgothWitch2004 / Reddit

Whoever this kid belongs to must be destined for the stars. Judging by the venue of the visit, we think this must have been a reminder for an audition or something. Unfortunately, the text went to someone who dislikes little humans so much that they have quite the nickname for them!